At Pati's Paws our mission is simple: To provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

Pati's Paws is a family owned business. We are the owners of four amazing dogs, two Brittany Spaniels and two Maltese, who are our inspiration. We sell only products that we would use.

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Our Affiliates & Recommended Sites

 Bullmastiff Training Goods Store

Great choice of dog training stuff for bullmastiffs: high quality leather harnesses, well decorated collars, bite suits for agitation training and many other professional dog supplies for comfy training and walking.



Doberman Breed Training Goods Dog Shop

Get ready to train your doberman with our super quality dog training equipment. We offer a wide range of reliable dog training and everyday use products: metal and leather muzzles, long and short leashes, nylon and leather collars and many other items for your beloved doggy.


Professional German Shepherd Dog Supplies E-Store

Now all necessary dog equipment and supply in one place. We are glad to offer you only best quality products for GSD training and everyday walking: harnesses, muzzles, collars, leashes, toys, bite sleeve etc. Low prices will surprise you.


Best Cane Corso Gear Online

Unique and excellent quality training and walking harnesses, medium size and big
collars, leather and wire cage muzzles, pull tabs and leads and a lot of other Cane Corso Training supplies. Check yourself!


English Bulldog Training Stuff Store

High quality training supplies for English Bulldogs that will make your training sessions more comfortable ans safe. Well fit basket and leather muzzles, agitation and tracking harnesses, long and short leads, decorated collars and much more.


Super Quality Dog Equipment for Pitbulls

Various models of training harnesses, heavy duty and everyday use muzzles, durable nylon and leather collars, leashes and lots of other items for your Pitbull.


Rottweiler Dog Accessories

Best choice of Rottweiler collars, muzzles, harnesses and other useful dog supplies at reasonable price and of high quality.


Professional Great Dane Dog Gear

Uniquely designed dog collars, harnesses, muzzles, leashes, and other dog stuff for Great Danes.


Belgian Malinois Online Dog Store

Order now dog training gear and handlers items for Belgian Malinois. Dog-safe quality harnesses, muzzles, toys, bite suits and other at low prices.


Top-notch Dog Stuff for Newfoundlands

Wide variety of training dog supplies for Newfoundland dogs at low prices.Custom made products are available.


Dog Training Supplies and Proffesional Equipment

Welcome to the world of wide range of dog training and walking stuff. Durable and well fit leather and wire cage muzzles, leather, nylon and metal collars, tracking harnesses, durable long and short leather leashes - all dog training supplies you need are here!


Dog Training Gear for Boxer Breed

Check this page and you will find professional dog harnesses for tracking and walking, reliable and nose padded muzzles for traveling in public places, designer Boxer dog collars and braided leather leashes. For dog trainers here you can get training bite sleeves and suits.


Web Store for Mastiff Owners

Present your Mastiff  something special and quality. Mastiff store is ready to offer you wide choice of leather walking muzzles, training harnesses, designer collars, tracking leashes and pull tabs. Check yourself.


American Bulldog Training Dog World

Choose excellent leather training harnesses, durable nylon collars, wire basket and leather muzzles, short leashes and pull tabs, or various types of bite training sleeves and suits for professional dog trainers.


Training Dog Gear

Plenty of handcrafted and chest padded training harnesses, agitation and walking muzzles, two ply leather collars, multipurpose leashes, quality and safe bite tugs for puppy training and many other dog stuff you will definitely need.


Dog Muzzles World Online

Only perfect fit leather and metal basket muzzles for your dog. There are models for different purposes: dog agitation training, for traveling in public places, with open nose areas for free breathing, etc.


Noble Dogue de Bordeaux Dog Training Supplies

Approved quality leather muzzles for walking and training, tracking and pulling harnesses, decorated collars, leads and other professional training stuff for your noble companion!


Professional Shar Pei Training Gear Store

Wide choice of heavy duty and decorated harnesses, walking and training muzzles as well as collars, leashes and other approved quality training dog gear designed to fit the needs of your Shar Pei.


Siberian Husky Dog Products for Walking and Training

Top quality Siberian Husky training supplies: well ventilated and adjustable leather muzzles, pulling harnesses, durable multifunctional leashes, handcrafted collars, bite tugs and toys for Husky puppies, etc.


Labrador Breed Training Supplies

Specially designed walking and wide training Labrador collars, tracking and walking harnesses, leather and cage muzzles for Labrador breed. Check yourself!


Dog Accessories For Golden Retrievers

Awesome Golden Retriever training and walking gear: great ideas of designer collars, durable leather harnesses, adjustable muzzles and other dog goods for Golden Retrievers.


Designer Collars for Your Doggy

Lots of leather and nylon, everyday and training collars for all dog breeds. Handcrafted items and cool designer decisions to make your pet the most beautiful in the world and allow you to go for a walk and train your pet more effectively.