Pink Argyle Step-in Harness

Lupine pink argly dog harness
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  • Manufacturer: Lupine
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Guaranteed for life - Even if chewed

Made in the USA

This adorable pink argyle step-in harness features a classic argyle diamond print with heart accents. This adjustable dog harness is made from extremely durable material to handle the strongest of pullers. The sturdy and high quality design makes Lupine harnesses the perfect choice for active dogs.

This pink argyle step-in harness is machine washable and is backed by Lupine's lifetime guarantee.

The Lupine step-in harness is great for dogs who love to hike. The minimalistic design of the wrap around style of this harness eliminates pressure on the trachea and is comfortable for even the longest of walks. The single buckle over the shoulders is easy to put on and take off even the most rambunctious of hikers. The adjustable sternum strap ensures a perfect fit. The lead is attached to both D-rings for even distribution of pressure.

Available in 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch or 1 inch band thickness

1/2 inch available in 10"-13" or 12"-18" girth length measurements

3/4 inch available in 15"- 21" or 20"-30" girth length measurements

1 inch available in 24"-38" girth length measurements 

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