Treat Hunter Puzzle Toy

treat hunter dog toy
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  • Manufacturer: Zanies
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Encourage your dogs to use their natural searching instincts with this brightly colored Treat Hunter Puzzle Toy. A durable wooden puzzle toy that offers a dynamic playtime experience for owners and dogs. Hide treats under the sliders and teach dogs to move them to reach the treat. Perfect for all breeds and sizes.

Material: MDF, non-toxic paint

Measures 11" x 9"


  1. Fill the different sliders with a tasty treat like peanut butter or a small biscuit. Make sure your dog sees you put the treat inside the slider.
  2. Place the Treat Hunter Puzzle on the floor and encourage your dog to work to get it out.
  3. As your dog gets better at finding the treats, you can vary the hiding spots for a more challenging and interactive experience. Supervision is recommended.

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